Wood for the bathroom is not the most typical solution. But this natural material will make your bathroom feel more cozy and it will create a warm, homely space. Not only is the natural wood gorgeous but it also has great antibacterial properties.

Live edge counter

live edge counterThis one is great for a weekend DIY project with an unfinished slab of wood. If you’re in a hurry you can also find different slabs of live edge wood already sanded and finished. A live edge counter looks best with two simple, white ceramic sinks. The ideal width of the counter is about 20“ to 22. Don’t forget to apply a water resistant sealer for the wood.

Light Wood

light woodIf you want a more bright and large looking bathroom space, then you have to go for the lighter types of wood. A great option is ash wood, it has a light, warm color. Use it for the sink counter together with matching accessories. It works great with grey tones and white.

Wood mosaics

wood mosaicCreate an accent wall in the shower using wooden mosaics. It will add great texture to the whole space and also a lot of warmth. There are a few great options, like mosaics made of reclaimed hardwood from asian boats.

Warm Ambiance

warm ambianceHardwood can be successfully used for bathroom flooring and wall paneling. It’s true that it takes more maintenance work nad a lot of TLC. Nowadays the best solution for a great design are the tiles with the natural wood aspect. For a more dramatic look, use the same material for the floor and the shower area.

The total wood look

total wooden lookIf you can’t get enough of the complete wooden look, get inspired by the traditional japanese “Ofuro” bathrooms. There are a variety of sanitary wares completely made out of wood, for example these bathtubs are made entirely out of hardwood. During the crafting process, the wood is dried in different stages, therefore making it highly durable. The same process is used when handcrafting wooden sinks.


accessoriesSmall furniture pieces and wooden accessories will warm up the whole bathroom. For example, place a small rustic looking stool in the shower area. Match it with a wooden rug and complete the accessorizing with a couple of wood trays, wooden boxes and recipients. The rule is to select a single type of wood color for all the items.  


shelvesA shelf system is a great option for bathroom storage, organization and also for the design. Consider it an easy DIY project using a few slabs of hardwood. For a more rustic look create a distressed effect on the wooden shelves. Or just a few pieces of live edge wood. For a classy look choose oak, cedar or walnut.


accentsA great and easy way to add a touch of rustic feel to your bathroom is by adding wooden beams on the ceilings. For a modern scandinavian design use wood paneling for the whole ceiling in order to create a special relaxing place.



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