We all spend most of our time in the kitchen whether we’re cooking or entertaining, the kitchen is the soul of the home so, it’s important to have at least a few places to sit comfortably. The kitchen island is not only functional but it’s also a great design piece and choosing the right stools can be challenging.

First of all, start by considering the overall decor style of your kitchen, is it modern or more traditional? The stools you’ll choose must complement the design of the kitchen and must also be functional and comfortable. Another factor to consider is the height of the stool, keep in my mind that it should be proportional with the height of the island counter.

To determine the correct height for your stool start by measuring the height of your island counter, you need 9”-13” between the seat and the counter.

  • For a 35” – 37” counter height you need a stool with a seat height around 23”-26”
  • For a 40” – 42” bar counter height you need a bar stool with a height of 28”-30”.   
1. Upholstered Stools

upholstered kitchen stools

These stools are the ideal option for an elegant and classy kitchen. You can even create a formal dining atmosphere . Go ahead and choose upholstered stools with a soft back cushion in a neutral color scheme.

2. Mid-century Modern Stools

mid-century modern kitchen island stools

Mid-century modern is a timeless style and so, it will never go out of fashion. If you like clean lines, organic and geometric shapes and functionality, then these stools will be perfect for your modern kitchen.

3. Industrial Style Stools

industrial kitchen island stools

The industrial style is still one of the top trends in interior design. It’s based on materials like stainless steel, wrought iron, weathered wood, exposed brick. All of these materials are often used in kitchen decor. Industrial style stools are often very simple, with wooden seats and metallic structures or are entirely made of metal.  

4. Country Style Stools

country style kitchen island stools

If you’re drawn to the farmhouse style, your best option for the kitchen island are these country style stools. The use of natural materials and the mix of pastels, bright colors and vintage touches will make the counter stools the focal point of the overall design.

5. Contemporary KITCHEN ISLAND Stools

contemporary kitchen island stools

Simplicity and minimalism define the contemporary design but that doesn’t mean that the stools won’t stand out. The use of modern materials such as plastic and stainless steel makes the stools easy to blend in many design styles.  

Which style is your favorite? Share it with us!


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