Did you know that the space under the stairs is often the most overlooked space in a house? And don’t think about Harry Potter’s room 🙂 Many people don’t even realize the great potential this small space has. We could all use a little more storage space, right? But that’s not the only smart solution for this valuable space. So, here are a few ingenious ways to use it.

1. Built-in storage

under stairs storage

The most obvious use for the space under the stairs is for storage. First of all, it’s important to divide the space according to your own needs. Choose smart drawer systems to store shoes, bags and gym gear or other items. You can also combine shelves and pull out systems to create a decorative layout.  

2. under stairs Coat Closet

under stairs closet

Need more closet space? Use the space under the stairs to store all coats and jackets. Also use lower shelves for shoe storage. This closet can also double as a coat rack for the entry hallway.

3. Cozy Reading Nook

under stairs cozy reading nook

The first step is to set up a built-in bench with a soft cushioning. A great tip is to add drawers so that you can also use the space for storage and don’t forget to place shelves for your favourite books. Complete the reading nook with a warm light source.

4. Small Home Office

under stairs home office

All you need is a desk  for your PC or laptop, some shelves, a comfy chair and also, the correct lighting. For a more organized look, try keeping all items within the same color scheme. Certainly the great thing about this office positioning is that you can close your office using sliding doors.  

5. Playtime!

under stairs playroom

An under-the-stairs playroom has just the right size and it’s a totally comfy space to play with a favourite toy. For that reason use this space to store and hide away the toys and all other children stuff. Furthermore, the kids will love to play in this special hideaway.  

6. Powder Room

under stairs powder room

If you’re staircase is a little bit wider you can easily transform this nook in a small, but fancy powder room. It takes a bit more work to install the water and drainage pipes. All you need is a little specialized help and a few creative ideas. Don’t forget to also take a look at this article about making small bathrooms look bigger.

7. Laundry Room

under stairs laundry room

If you don’t have a designated room for the laundry, the under stair space is the perfect position. This one is easier to create than the powder room, because it doesn’t need much specialized work. Most importantly, make sure you have enough space for your washing machine, dryer and storage for dirty laundry and detergents. Finally, if your space is smaller, choose sliding doors.


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