Oh, l’amour… Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it’s never too early to start planning your romantic day. Here are a few tips and ideas to transform your dining room into a romantic and charming space without breaking the bank.

  • Parisian style dining chairs

baby blue velvet Louis XV dining chairs

What’s more romantic than a trip to Paris, the city of love? If you’re not planning a trip to Paris very soon, why not create your own parisian style dining room? Start by choosing classic parisian chairs that will bring elegance and style to your dining room. The classy Louis XVI chair is the perfect option.

  • The most romantic color is…

soft color palette

Thinking of red? Yes, red is certainly a romantic color but it’s surely not the only one, especially when you’re decorating so try not to use too much red. Rather choose softer and more delicate colors, like a soft pink, an elegant lavender or radiant coral. Only use red in small doses, as in red napkins or red flower arrangements.

  • Romantic table setting

romantic table setting

Nothing is more intimate than a nice candlelit dinner cooked together with your loved one. To set it up start by decorating your dining table. Create an elegant look working with different layers. First of all start with a simple, soft pastel colored linen tablecloth and continue by adding silk place-mats then complete your decor with accent colored napkins. Also add a touch of glamour to your decor with a sheer chiffon runner. Remember that if you choose a patterned tablecloth you must opt for neutral place-mats.

  • Flowers

ombre flower arrangement

Our romantic table setting wouldn’t be complete without a unique flower arrangement. Create your own luxurious centerpiece using roses in three shades of pink and a touch of red by placing them in a gradient composition.

  • Romantic glow

chandelier over table in neutral tones dining room

Your interior wouldn’t be complete without the appropriate lighting. A central light source like a crystal chandelier would definitely transform your interior. There are quite a few affordable options on the market, like this one. Adding crystal sconces will give the perfect, soft lighting for the most delicate atmosphere. Finalize your perfect decor with exotic scented candles which will give a warm, soft glow and complete the romantic ambiance.

How will you spend your Valentine’s Day?


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