The ability to recreate is man’s greatest quality. Many things we use in the world today are the improved version of what was used a few years back. This came as a result of the advancement in technology and globalization. Nowadays, even the simplest things can be turned into something special and complex things restored to a better version, like this Craftsman workbench.

For instance, a small piece of wood can be turned into something else, like a paper to serve a different purpose. However, in this article, we are more concerned with restoring an old Craftsman workbench to a former, better version of itself.

To restore your Craftsman workbench, you’ll need the following:

  1. Get your piece


Firstly, getting an actual workbench that you can use. This will serve as a raw material for you to work your magic on. This rusty bench was used in and automotive shop and will have to go through a few different stages for it to become a better one for use.

  1. Disassemble the parts

workbench before painting

The next thing to do is disassemble the parts in such a way as to not damage anything. You need to remove the drawers and the hardware needs to be torn down. The purpose is to make everything look good as new starting from the parts. You can start by cleaning them and oiling the drawer slides.

  1. Clean and Paint

Go further by cleaning the top of the workbench with soap to get rid of dirt, particles and any oil residues that might still be left. Everything needs a light sanding for the new paint to stick well. This is the most laborious stage but it makes all the difference. Once you’ve done that, you can start painting the workbench. You can choose whatever color you like for this and even change the screws with nickel plated ones. Whatever you like.

  1. Choose a theme

In this next step you can choose a theme to spruce up your project. We chose to add some yellow to make it look like a bumblebee. It’s up to you.

  1. Set up Shelves

One of the things that makes a workbench useful is shelving. This helps you keep your accessories in order and keep the worktop clear of clutter. There is always room for you to set up any shelving order you like. One quick look at what you have done, you’ll notice it looks much better than the rusty, abandoned workbench you had.

  1. Set up Locks

Lastly, what you can do next is to set up locks to keep your accessories in your drawers/shelves safe. You could use any type of lock, doesn’t really matter, what is a top priority here is the safety of the tools and things you want to store here.

  1. Put the workbench into use

All done! Now you can put your new workbench into use and enjoy!

The ability to recreate and restore what is lost or what had been used once is one of man’s greatest abilities. Instilling life into old tools is not only satisfying but it means less pollution and waste. It is quite a pleasure for me to see an abandoned Craftsman workbench being put back into use. Remember, whatever you do during the restoration process, it should be the way you wanted it to be.


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