Toys, books, clothes, crafting materials, school projects… it might seem chaotic, but the children’s bedroom must satisfy a multitude of tasks and functions: sleeping, studying, playing and relaxing. So, you have to think of it as a multi-functional space. Don’t worry! Hope is not lost. Here are few easy and inexpensive ways to keep everything organized.

Storage under the bed

under bed storage

Every kid will love a high bed and building one will leave room for multiple drawers underneath. Use these as storage space for clothes or for toys.

Color-coding the children’s room

color coded storage

Even small children recognize colors and can separate items such as crayons, cars and smaller toys according to a certain color. You could try blue for crafting materials, pink for dolls, green for cars and so on. This will help the children have fun while organizing their own stuff.

Working with the space

organized areas in child room

Many people tend to place everything next to the walls. Don’t be afraid to place furniture and decor items in the middle of the room. This will  allow kids to move freely around them and it will be easier to assign specific areas in the space, like a play area and a stud area.

Hang baskets

hanged storage baskets

Clear the floor space by hanging baskets on the walls. Hang them on the kids’ eye level, so they can have easy access to them. Use the baskets especially for items like crayons, Lego, balls or cars.


labeled drawers

Help your children stay organized by labeling drawers, baskets and boxes. This will help them a lot with getting dressed in the mornings or cleaning up their toys. You can also make a fun art project with the kids by letting them to create decorative and colorful labels.


multi functional furniture

For your next DIY project create a smart seating bench with integrated storage with an easy IKEA hack. You can turn a Kallax bookcase on their side and add a comfy cushion. Place baskets inside each shelf to help sort and hold toys.

Ingenious shelving

spice rack bookshelf in children's room

The kids don’t really need a big bookcase. So, get creative with the shelving. For example, you can use spice racks from IKEA as bookshelves. Give them a quick paint and install them on the wall.



  1. Olga V Sadkova Reply

    Iris, what a great article. Amazing ideas. I was hoping you can recommend me a place where i can buy such furniture to the kid’s playroom?

    • Thanks a bunch, I’m so glad you liked it! I recommend Ikea for a lot of projects, including DIY, because they have many models to choose from and they’re easy to customize at really affordable prices.

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