Ok guys, Halloween will soon be here and this one is not for the squeamish. Or arachnophobes. Seriously.

With Halloween just around the corner, all matter of disturbing props seem to pop-up everywhere. But this monstrous creation takes the crown for me. The harrowing details on it makes the hair on your arms stand up. If Spider-man would have been Tim Burton’s creations, my guess is this is what he would look like. And the cool thing is, you can easily make one. For reasons.

The materials you’ll need for this Halloween project are:

A skeleton prop – 16$

Some gel stain (around 15$, enough for 10 more props)

Plastic drop cloth – 2$

Chip brushes – 3$

Heat gun (around 25$ for a cheap one)

skeleton monster prop

skeleton prop

Start by taking the head off of the skeleton prop that you can buy here. It makes the next steps much easier.

plastic wrap

The next step is basically taking the cheapest, thinnest plastic drop cloth that you can find, wrap it around the skeleton and melting it with the heat gun.

monster wrapped in plastic

There is almost no way you can screw this up. There is no wrong way to melt the plastic, and if it melts off completely, add another layer of plastic and continue. The uglier, the better, but if something doesn’t look quite right, you can cut it off with scissors or a knife.

When doing this tutorial, you should be in a well-ventilated area because the plastic does give off fumes that might be harmful. The heat gun burns too, so be careful with that.

plastic drop cloth melted on skull prop

After hitting the plastic with heat, it will look like shriveled old skin. Here’s where you can play around with the texture. Try different thing before melting it and see what you like more.

The chest cavity is tougher to do than the rest because the plastic will keep pulling away from the legs when it melts, so wrap the plastic around the body and between the legs when starting.

skeleton prop before staining

After that, it’s ready for staining.

Grab a generous amount of hickory gel stain and apply it on the skeleton, one body part at a time. Then wipe off the excess with a cloth. Remember to wear latex gloves and put some towels that you don’t need on the work surface because the stain will not come off with anything. Maybe with fire.

As a rule of thumb, you want to wipe off the stain where there’s bare bone but leave enough in the nooks and crannies to add texture to the whole body.

Do the inside of the body too, otherwise it takes away from the whole project.

You can take it a step further and add some deodorant balls in the eye sockets and become the creepiest neighbor on the street. Your choice.

finished halloween skeleton prop

After it’s done, leave it to dry for a day. Then attach the head back to the body (if you want) and leave it at the door. I bet it will be a quiet Halloween night.

Well, I warned you. A big thank you goes out to StiltBeastStudios for the ideea and the nightmares that followed.


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