We all know that small crowded bathroom in the house, whether it’s the powder room or the guest bath. There’s no need to start knocking down the walls, because there are a few tricks that will make this small bathroom shine. Go ahead and try these tips to make your bathroom look bigger.

  • Dark ceiling

dark ceiling bathroom

You may think that a dark colored ceiling will make the space look smaller, but this is not actually true. When painting the ceiling dark, paint an extra 10’ on to the walls and then add a trim. This will give the illusion of a bigger bathroom. Use this trick especially if you have high ceilings. For the dark ceiling you can choose a dark graphite grey, navy blue or even black.

  • Contrasting lighter color on the walls

contrasting color on the walls

Keep the walls and the floor in light, soft, neutral tones. Choose the same color for the walls and floors, there’s enough contrast for a small space with the dark ceiling. If you’re not using tiles for all the walls, choose the rest of the paint in the same color as the tiles. Try using neutral tones like shades of white, ivory, light grey or a light beige.

  • Mirror, mirror, on the wall!

mirror on the wall

Nothing makes a space look bigger than a mirror. Opt for a big frameless mirror behind the sink or you can even tile a whole wall with mirror. This trick will reflect the light in the room and will also visually double up the space.

  • light washed bathroom

dramatic lighting

A single light source is certainly not recommended for a small bathroom. Use at least two different light fixtures, one in the sink area and one on the ceiling. For a dramatic look choose track lighting with directional spotlights. Always use warm white light.

  • Continuous floor

continuous bathroom floor

Continuing the same tiles in the shower area will give the illusion of a bigger space. Avoid sectionings on the floor as much as possible, because it will make the space seem even smaller and crowded than it actually is. That means, also, ditching the bathmat 😉

  • Wall-hung toilet

wall hung toilet

Installing a wall-hung toilet in a small bathroom will open up the space and make it seem bigger. Even if the area beneath the suspended toilet isn’t used, being able to see the floor tiles instead of a bulky, porcelain toilet creates the illusion of a larger space.

  • Clear glass

clear glass shower

When remodeling the small bathroom always choose clear glass shower panels and doors to make the room look bigger. Keep in mind that frosted glass disrupts the space and makes it look even smaller. A framed glass panel will cause the space to seem uneven, instead of smooth and open as the frameless glass.



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