In my opinion, every man should know how to tie a bow tie. The bow tie has been around for a while and has made a statement in the looks of men like Winston Churchill and James Bond. I think learning this skill is like a rite of passage to becoming a true gentleman.

I know what you’re thinking. There’s always the pre tied bow tie, right? Wrong. Just think about it. The pre tied bow tie is almost as bad as the clip-on tie. It looks horrible and it defeats the whole purpose of the bow tie.

I think you should go ahead and throw away those pre tied ones because today you’ll learn how to tie one like a gent.

The first step is to hang the bow tie flat around your neck and adjust the right hand side to be slightly longer then the left.

first step

Next, you need to bring the right hand side over the left one like so.

second step to tie a bow tie

Then form a simple knot by bringing the right hand side under and above the other side, like this. Now you’ll want to tighten the knot so it sits comfortably around your neck.

third step

After that you’ll start forming the bow tie. Take the left hand side and fold it in the middle of your neck, like so. This will be the front loop of the finished bow tie.

fourth step

Then bring the right hand side over the folded side.

step five into tying a bow tie

Now pinch the folded part to fix everything in place for the next step.

step six

This is where you’ll bring the loose end and simultaneously fold and push it through the back of the pinched end where you’ll find a loop.

step seven

Almost there. Now all you need to do is adjust the knot. For this you’ll pull the loops of the sides at the same time and the ends at the same time. Little by little, you’ll see the knot tightening and your James Bond smile widening.

last step

Congratulations! You’ve tied your bow tie like a pro and learned a gentleman’s skill in the process. Now go order a martini at the bar (shaken, not stirred) and leave a comment below.


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