We all know how generic and boring those knobs that come with the cabinets are. They can really ruin the aspect of a nice cabinet or drawer. Or they can elevate a boring cabinet or drawer. I found a way to make a pair of knobs that really make my cabinet doors stand out. Let me show you how.

Things you’ll need to make the cement knobs:


A couple of tea light candles

A wine cork

A cutter


Optional: Universal transparent matte sealant

materials needed

So, we’ll start by taking out the candles from their little tin casings. We’ll be using them as moulds for our knobs. As a bonus, the wax that’s left inside the tin will act as a barrier and not let the cement stick to bad to the cast walls.

cork cut in half

Next we’ll prepare our wine cork. I found a little cork from a small bottle and cut it in half. Mine actually has the right size and I didn’t have to chop it up to much. Hint: put the cork in some boiling water and leave it to soak for a couple of minutes before cutting it. That way you’ll make the cork softer and it won’t crumble when you cut it.

cement poured in tin cases and cork cut in half

After that, prepare a small batch of cement and pour it inside the casts in equal measures. We don’t want them looking too different.

After pouring, carefully shake the tin cases to release any air bubbles trapped inside. Mine have a few bubbles left, but I like the imperfections.

cement knobs in cases

Then we’ll insert the cork pieces in the center of each knob. These will act sort of like little gaskets and they won’t scratch the surface when they’re being screwed in.

Let the cement cure for a few hours before taking the knobs out. A tell-tell sign that it’s ok to pull them out is that the cement will contract a bit when it dries. It will leave a little space between it and the tin. So you jut have to gently tap on the bottom of the mould to release the knob.

cured cement knobs

Now all that you have to do is clean them up a bit with the sandpaper. If you see after sanding that they have to many small holes and you want a smoother look, you can make a little cement and smudge it a bit on the surface. This will give them a smoother surface. Sand them again and give them a light coat of sealant after that.

sanded cement knobs

Let them dry then fix them to the cabinets and you’re done! It’s super easy, and very chic.

Try it and let us know how it went.


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