First impression is always important and the hallway is often the first room of any house. It’s the first contact a visitor has with your home. Don’t make the common mistake of overlooking this often, small, space. When starting to remodel avoid these typical mistakes and do it the right from the beginning.

1. Massive hallway furniture

simple furniture narrow hallway

Bulky furniture, full of coats, shoe rack, post, brochures, kids’ soccer equipment, keys… Sounds familiar? You should not underestimate the optical impact of massive furniture, especially in narrow hallways. For small and narrow hallways don’t use imposing furniture. For example it’s better to opt for simple colorful coat hooks. If there’s no room for a proper shoe rack you can simply add a narrow shelf for shoes used regularly.   

2. White, dull walls

colored walls narrow hallway

Be brave and experiment with colorful walls in the hallway, the effect will be amazing. The hall is usually small in size and its continuity is interrupted by many doors. If you’re drawn to a more classical style, use bright tones for the entrance hall. Therefore it will expand the corridor visually and will give a friendly, welcoming feel. If you’re bold enough you can use darker tones like dark greys, navy or forest green.

3. Underestimating the open space

elegant design hallway

Many people use the hallway in a pure functional way, but the first room of the house has more to offer. Recognize its potential and use it. Although we have to take off put shoes, dirty boots and coats in the hallway this area has a lot more meaning. The hall greets your guests and gives a first impression of the ones who live there. Give the hall the same attention and planning as the living room, kitchen or bathroom. As a result a smart organisation and an elegant style will put a smile on your face everytime you enter your home.

4. No sitting furniture

hallway sitting furniture bench

Most people think that there’s no need to sit in the hallway because it’s only a transitional space.Don’t be afraid to place a small bench, stool or a even comfy chair. This simple trick will add a touch of comfort to the hallway. Wherever possible, you should place a small piece of sitting furniture. It could also be very useful when putting on shoes or, in case of small bench, there’s also room for your bag and scarf there.

5. Not enough light in the hallway

hallway lighting

A single light source in the middle of the ceiling only provides a dull lighting effect. To create that “wow” effect play with different light sources and light intensities. Why not add decorative sconces on your walls? and also track lights on the ceiling. As a result, the track lights will create a dramatic and theatrical effect.

6. Unstructured walls

hallway composition with decor and furniture

You may think that functional furniture has no decorative aspect, but it’s all up to your creativity. Why not try creating a composition using just hooks. Group them in a geometric pattern or simply arrange them asymmetrical – the result will be both functional and decorative. The wardrobe furniture should be part of a harmonious placement in the space. Therefore, pictures, umbrella stands or cabinets will look better when grouped.

Check out Part 2, coming soon 😉



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