The Farmhouse Style or Barn Style is part of the general Rustic Style, this style features specific rustic and traditional elements used in modern interiors. This trendy style is up and coming and we think it’s not going out of fashion any time soon. This style creates a perfect combination between old and new.

  • Farmhouse STYLE sliding door

farmhouse style sliding doors

The first glance you have at a space is through the door, so that is why the door is very important for the style and general atmosphere. For a great farmhouse look choose a rustic sliding door.

  • Add a rustic mirror
pallet wood rustic mirror frame
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This one is an easy one to get done and a great idea for your next quick DIY project. Just frame your old mirror with a frame made from old wood pallets. Use this wood to build a frame around your existing mirror, finish it up by applying a wood stain which will give the frame that rustic look and feel.

  • Vintage tiles

vintage metro tiles

If you’re going for the classic barn look, the best option is to cover your walls in simple white subway tiles. For the floor use ceramic tiles that look like old wooden planks. Furthermore, if you like a more intricate look, highlight your shower area with mismatched patterned tiles.

  • CLAW-FOOT tub
claw-foot tub
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The claw-foot tub was considered a luxury item in the 19th century, so it’s no wonder we still love it today. It is a great romantic feature for your barn style master bathroom.


DIY farmhouse sink

Ever thought you can use a bucket as a sink? You can create your own barn style vanity by using two rustic metal buckets, fix them on a distressed wooden counter and add two vintage taps. The vanity with two sinks is great for your master bath, but you can use just one bucket for your guest bath. This DIY sink project is also an excellent budget saver.

  • Rustic wooden ceiling

rustic wooden ceiling

When we start thinking about remodeling the bathroom or any other space, we sometimes forget about the importance of the ceiling. Adding rustic beams to the ceiling is a great way to complete your overall farmhouse style design. You can also cover up the whole ceiling in wood planks to give it an even more rustic feel.

  • Old ladder decor

old ladder decor

The great benefit of the old ladder is that you don’t need a lot of space for it. The ladder can be placed next to the sink and you can use it as a towel rack. Place it next to the shower or the door also as a towel rack. You can use it to store different items necessary for your farmhouse bathroom.

Is the farmhouse style your favourite?


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