Easy Farmhouse Style With IKEA

This year, the farmhouse style is more popular than ever. We all love it because it’s warm, cozy, classy but also laid-back and full of charm. The farmhouse style is all about embracing traditional elements in contemporary spaces. Here’s how to create the perfect farmhouse style using only IKEA furniture and decor.

9 Design Tips That Work Immediately

Feel the need for a design change but don’t have the necessary time or budget for a complete remodel? You don’t have to buy a new sofa straight away, sometimes it’s all about the little things that have a big impact on our comfort. These tips will change your whole ambience immediately, with little effort.

Top 5 Best Stools For Your Kitchen Island

We all spend most of our time in the kitchen whether we’re cooking or entertaining, the kitchen is the soul of the home so, it’s important to have at least a few places to sit comfortably. The kitchen island is not only functional but it’s also a great design piece and choosing the right stools can be challenging.

Shabby Chic Design Ideas For Your Living Room

The shabby chic style is one of the most popular trends in interior design and it’s still one of the major trends this year. Shabby chic is an eclectic style which successfully integrates salvaged furniture, pastel color schemes and floral patterns. It’s also related to the farmhouse style and has its roots in the French country style. In other words, shabby chic is the perfectly imperfect style.

Best Flooring Options for the Kitchen

When you start thinking about remodeling your kitchen, the first thing you should have in mind is the flooring. First of all you have to think about which flooring works best for your kitchen. Kitchen floors must be resistant to heavy foot traffic, immune to spills and stains and resist dropped dishes and kitchen utensils. Last but not least the floor must also look good and stylish while being durable and functional. Fortunately there are a few good options available.

10 Out of this World Contemporary Chandeliers

Every year designers draw new designs for lamps and factories produce these new suspension lamps in the race to sell more and more products and meet the customers’ demands. But only a handful of these lamps really stand out from the crowd and are really special, in my humble opinion. So, without further ado and in no particular order, I present you with 10 of my favorite suspension lamps.