Building something with your own hands brings you a lot of satisfaction. It’s not always easy, but it’s worth it. This bench for example is easier to make than you think. Let me show you how.

finished bench
where do we start?

We begin by building the wood frame. It’s made from 2×4” pieces cut to size, and fixed together with wood screws. I’ve sanded the edges a bit to give it a friendlier shape. The legs of the bench should be between 15″ and 17” long for you to have a comfortable seating height.bench wood leg

After cutting the legs and the stretchers we’ll screw them together using 2 countersunk wood screws on each side. Remember to drill holes in the legs before you put in the screws because this will prevent the wood from splitting. Sanding the legs together like this helps you to sand the same amount on all sides and makes the frame look symmetrical.

sanding the frame

We used different types of slats on the narrow sides because it will be easier to wrap the cord in the end. They’re 2 x 2” and 2 x 3”. On the long sides of the bench we used 2 x 6”. After fixing everything together give it another sanding.

bench frame

Next step was for us to measure and hammer in some “L” shaped tacks. These will help us fix the cord to the slats. Remember to only hammer the tacks on the long slats of the bench.

L shaped tacks and hammer

After the tacks go in, we can start wrapping it in cord. We fold a long line of cord in half and start wrapping the slats by hooking the cord to the tacks. When you reach the end of that piece, use a stapler and fix the ends to the inside or underside of the slat and start over from there. You’ll want to leave some space between the wraps for the weave.

cord wrapping

The last step of the build is to weave the rest of the cord on the other side. To do this, we fold a long piece of cord in half again and staple it on the inside of one of the small slats. Then we start weaving these two ends by going one under and one above the other cords.

cord weave

And that’s about it! It’s easy to do and the result is amazing. It will add a Nordic and modern touch to the space, especially by leaving it raw like this. I hope you’ll try it and let us know how it went.


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