Boho style blends into different cultures and different times, creating exciting eclectic mixes. The bohemian “boho chic” style is definitely for the artistic and creative souls. If you enjoy clean lines and very organized spaces, you might want to skip this eccentric style. But if you’re drawn to art, free expression, unique creations and colorful collections then carry on, because Boho is now a global trend.

Boho colors

boho style color palette

The great thing about bohemian style is that there are no specific and strict rules when choosing a color palette for your home. However, there are common colors like warm, earthy colors and metallic finishes. Think about: terracotta, deep brown and gold for the main tones. For accessories and accent look for electric blue, royal purple, ruby red or fiery orange. The secret to a perfect boho interior consists in using different warm colors in the right amount.

Pattern collection

boho patterns

First of all, when using this style you have to be ready to mix and match various patterns. There’s no space for “plain Jane” in this style. Think about layering different patterns like rugs, sofa patterns or you can even hang Moroccan style tapestries on the walls. Don’t be afraid to combine worn out materials with metallic finishes.

Bohemian furniture

boho style furniture

An ideal boho living room should have quite a few vintage or antique pieces. So, try to get as many vintage and second-hand items as you can. The sizes and shapes of the furniture can be very different and therefore it’s important that every single piece, you use for furnishing has a special story to tell.

Moroccan inspiration

boho moroccan inspiration

A great example of an eclectic mix is using moroccan inspired details for your bohemian chic style home. Think of low coffee tables, floor cushions, ottomans and decorative lanterns. Mix bold colors with rich patterns and integrate an art piece with a lively Moroccan bazaar. So, in the boho style, remember that “more is more”.


bohemian style plants

House plants are definitely a typical feature of the boho style. Bohemians are not afraid to have green, exotic plants in every corner. Think of an exotic green wall for your hallway or dining room.     

Boho chic accessories

boho chic accessories

Chic meets boho when you create your DIY indie wall art just by using your old guitar collection. Like furniture, every accessory and decor placed in a bohemian style room should tell a story. Hence, don’t be afraid to use a lot of rugs with various patterns. As a result you can define different areas by using a multitude of patterns.



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