Boho Style Essentials

Boho style blends into different cultures and different times, creating exciting eclectic mixes. The bohemian “boho chic” style is definitely for the artistic and creative souls. If you enjoy clean lines and very organized spaces, you might want to skip this eccentric style. But if you’re drawn to art, free expression, unique creations and colorful collections then carry on, because Boho is now a global trend.

Essential mid-century modern living room ideas

If you wondered why the mid-century modern style lasted for so many decades… well, the answer is really simple. It’s all about functionality, clean lines, organic curves and the use of new contrasting materials. All these characteristic are still loved today and this cool trend shows no sign of going away and it also works great for small spaces.

How To Organize The Children’s Bedroom

Toys, books, clothes, crafting materials, school projects… it might seem chaotic, but the children’s bedroom must satisfy a multitude of tasks and functions: sleeping, studying, playing and relaxing. So, you have to think of it as a multi-functional space. Don’t worry! Hope is not lost. Here are few easy and inexpensive ways to keep everything organized.

7 Smart Ways To Use The Under Stairs Space

Did you know that the space under the stairs is often the most overlooked space in a house? And don’t think about Harry Potter’s room 🙂 Many people don’t even realize the great potential this small space has. We could all use a little more storage space, right? But that’s not the only smart solution for this valuable space. So, here are a few ingenious ways to use it.

5 Design Tips For Better Sleep

Did you know that the overall design of your bedroom can help you get a better night’s sleep? Just think about the last time you traveled and slept in a hotel room or in a friends house. It’s clear that our surroundings have a big impact on how we sleep and rest.    

Easy Farmhouse Style With IKEA

This year, the farmhouse style is more popular than ever. We all love it because it’s warm, cozy, classy but also laid-back and full of charm. The farmhouse style is all about embracing traditional elements in contemporary spaces. Here’s how to create the perfect farmhouse style using only IKEA furniture and decor.