Feel the need for a design change but don’t have the necessary time or budget for a complete remodel? You don’t have to buy a new sofa straight away, sometimes it’s all about the little things that have a big impact on our comfort. These tips will change your whole ambience immediately, with little effort.

1. New kitchen accessories

new kitchen accessories

Go ahead and replace all the old, mismatching accessories with new, colorful ones. For example choose new, matching bottles for all your detergents and liquid soaps. Don’t be shy and pick unexpected colors like turquoise or a strong orange for your sponges and for all your dishcloths choose playful and colorful pattern. With this decotips, you’ll see the whole atmosphere in your kitchen revamped right away.

2. Classy Tablecloth

tablecloth tips design

You may think that tablecloths are out of fashion, but in recent years the tablecloth has made a comeback in all design trends. Depending on the color you’ll choose, whether it’s white, grey, colorful or patterned, the dining area will appear to be brighter, more elegant or more playful in no time. Since you don’t need many items, you can change the tablecloth very easily and can try different combinations every other day for dinner. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors, patterns and designs.

3. Slipcovers

sofa slipcover

Are you bored with your sofa or armchairs? There’s no need to buy new pieces every time they seem dull. If you have a sofa from Ikea you can easily get a new, more colorful cover for your model. There are plenty ready-to-order slipcovers, like these ones. If you’re sofa is grey, beige or another neutral color, a great tip is to opt for a colorful slipcover or even a patterned one with a geometric print.

4. Accent Wall

accent wall turquoise

Don’t want to paint all the walls? Even better! Paint just one wall and you’ll create an accent wall. You don’t need much preparation, it’s not too messy and you can get it done in just a few hours. Pick your favorite color, but keep in mind that it must complement the whole room design. Before painting, follow these tips about painting the walls correctly 😉

5. More Green, Please!

house plants

Yes, houseplants! You don’t necessarily need a green thumb to have plants indoors. Actually, houseplants have made a big comeback in recent years. And for a good reason, because they animate every room and also give a fresh kick to every space. Anyone who struggles with gardening can try succulent plants like the Jade Plant, Snake Plant, Ponytail Palm or Aloe Vera. These plants need just a little amount of water, minimal care and will still look great.

6. Picture Wall

picture wall decor

Whether in the living room, dining area, hallway or even in the bathroom, nothing brings as much personality to a home as a picture wall. It will look best if you create a composition using images with different sizes. Think the whole composition following a few tips: design it as a unit by applying a uniform style and the same frame type for all the pictures. A good tip is to buy a handful of old frames from the flea market and repaint them the same color, this is also a great idea for your next DIY project.

7. Throw Pillows tips

throw pillows

Throw pillows alway freshen up the overall look of any room. Always choose different patterns and colors, because the throw pillows are the accent pieces. Don’t be afraid to blend different textures and colors to highlight your own personal style.

8. Wallpaper

geometric wallpaper

Use a graphic wallpaper only for a small area or on a small wall. Choose a striking wallpaper design like a geometrical pattern, a photo wallpaper or, simply, a bold color. The whole room will be transformed using just this tip, with just a low effort you’ll get an amazing result.

9. Dimmer Switches

light dimmer switch

Replace your usual light switches with dimmers for a beautiful lighting effect. The dimmed light will help you create different types of atmosphere for example use a lower light intensity when watching TV and a brighter light when reading or doing housework. When choosing the correct dimmer switches be sure to check the compatibility with some LED light sources.


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