Every now and then we feel the need for a change in our bedroom. Unfortunately, we don’t always have the necessary budget for a complete renovation or don’t have enough time to do it. Luckily, there are quite a few ways to update your bedroom with as little as 50$.

  • A coat of Fresh Paint

Pantone ultra violet purple

A coat of paint is the simplest way to update your bedroom. A new and fresh color can change your space completely. You can choose to paint all the walls in a new neutral tone like soft grey, warm beige or a radiant off-white. Or you can paint only one wall therefore creating an accent wall. You can keep up with the latest trends and paint your accent wall in Pantone‘s Ultra Violet (the color of 2018). Although I would still choose that neutral tone, it never gets out of style.

  • use New Curtains

bold patterned drapes in bedroom

Curtains and draperies are a great way to add texture to a space. Changing the draperies or curtains is also an easy and budget friendly option to update the bedroom. To add a touch of elegance choose velvet draperies in a royal purple or a stone blue. There are a few affordable options on the market, for example at Home Depot. I found these nice Blue Stone ones and these Purple ones.

If you want to go a step further choose bold patterned drapes. A geometric pattern will add more depth to your space and will frame your windows nicely. For a contemporary informal look you can match bamboo blinds with patterned drapes.

  • Light fixtures
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As in any space, lighting needs to come from more than one source. The ceiling light is not enough to correctly light a space. The light is also an important part to set the mood and the ambiance so it’s important to have more options for the light intensity. You also have to pay attention to the color of your light, warm light being the best for your home. For a quick and easy update, add new table lamps.

If you love a small DIY project you can create your own table lamps using old ceramic vases. This way you’ll save some money and create a unique piece of design.

If your nightstands are smaller add two pendant lights or wall sconces above them in order to use the space on the nightstand.

  • Nightstands

If your nightstands look too boring you can give them a quick makeover using chalk paint. When choosing a paint color, opt for a bold, accent colors like blue, red, orange or yellow.  Get creative with your nightstands. Mix and match different types of pieces, for example: use a side table on the right side and a simple nightstand on the left side of your bed. You can also mix and match a side table with an accent colored stool.

  • use Throw Pillows

accent throw pillows

A really inexpensive and affordable makeover is to add throw pillows, the more the merrier. You can combine different types of textures with lots of different colors. In addition use soft, fluffy textures combined with metallic colors for a luxurious touch. Create your pillow composition working with layers. The back layer is your background, where you should use simple, neutral colors (shades of beige and grey). For the middle layer think about a contrasting texture and for the front layer use bold colors and patterns.

  • Paint the bedroom furniture

You can paint your whole furniture using chalk paint or any other suitable paint, like we talked about here. This will give your bedroom a whole new look. If your furniture was dark before, you can opt for a lighter color, grey or off-white are long lasting options that can be matched with a lot of accent colors. Don’t be afraid to add a funky twist on your closet doors too.

  • update the Headboard

headboard made from shutters

The headboard is a focal point of your bedroom. An inexpensive way to update a headboard is to use salvaged pieces and give them a new look. For example create your own DIY headboard by using old shutters, give them a coat of matte paint and there’s your new and unique headboard. Get your hands on some salvaged wood pallets and create a custom shabby chic wooden headboard.





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