Summer is just around the corner and everything moves outdoors. It’s time for barbecues, pool parties and lazy summer nights in the garden. And I think there’s nothing better to set the mood with than some nice backyard lights.

So, here’s a list of 7 of the best DIY ideas you can make this weekend.

  • Solar Post Fence Lights

solar lamp post on fence

This idea is great for perimeter lighting. In some cases you don’t even need power tools for it. Just grab some cable ties and fix the light posts to the poles of the fence, the stair railing, or anywhere you can think of. Then let the light do the rest.

  • Glow-in-the-dark Paint

glow-in-the-dark spray painted plant pot

Grab some Rust-Oleum spray paint that glows in the dark and spray it on some plant pots. Really easy to do and the result adds a modern touch to your backyard.

  • Mason Jar Candle Holder

mason jar candle holder

Just tie a rope around the jar and put a candle inside. You can hang a few around a seating area in the backyard or place them on the steps. Instant summer party mood!

  • Fairy Lights Lantern

fairy lights lantern

Grab this lantern from Ikea, put in some fairy lights and voila! You get a really cheap garden lamp and the effect is anything but.

  • Rope Ball Fairy Lights Lantern

sisal rope ball with fairy lights

This one needs to set overnight. Inflate some balloons, dip some sisal rope in glue and then start wrapping the balloons with the glue soaked rope. After a night of drying, pop the balloon and put fairy lights in the rope ball. Magical!

  • Under Lit Table / Coffee Table

under lit table

For a more sophisticated look you should try this. Fix this battery run lamp to the underside of any outdoor table and enjoy.

  • Wine Glass Candle Holder

wine glass candle holders

This one is perfect for a quiet dinner out in the garden or a cocktail party. Grab a wine glass then put a candle in it and wrap a shade around the glass.

Well, I’m definitely trying these. What’s your favorite? Let us know how your project went in the comments.



  1. Nicoleta Tanase Reply

    Hei. Cool projects. Do the yarn balls make it trough snow in winter?

    • Andrew Reply

      Hi! Thank you, we’re glad you like them. Regarding the yarn balls, it very much depends on the glue you want to use. There’s a high chance they’ll keep their shape if the glue is water resistant.

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