With Christmas fast approaching and holiday cheer starting to kick in, it’s about time we start working on some Christmas tree decorations. And what better place to find them than with us?

So, without further ado, here are 7 of the best and most crafty Christmas tree decorations in our opinion that you can make right now.


copper tacks on foam ball

There are many decorations to make out of a polystyrene foam ball, and this one is so easy to make, it would be a waste not to try. All you need is a foam sphere and some copper tacks and you’re set. Stick them in the ball together with a piece of thick thread and hang this scaly bad boy anywhere you like.

Coffee globe

coffee beans on foam ball

This one is almost like the copper globe, but you’ll also need some glue for the coffee beans to stick to the foam ball. The easiest way to go about it is to scatter the coffee beans on a flat surface with a piece of paper underneath, then spread some glue on a part of the ball. Then roll the ball on the coffee beans to work your way around it.

Wine cork globe

wine cork ball

This little project is a welcome sight all year round and you can also use it as a Christmas tree decoration. Get some (and by some, I mean A LOT of wine corks) and use a non-corrosive glue or a glue gun to stick them to a foam ball.

Wine cork characters

champagne corks Christmas decorations

How about these little fellas? Grab some acrylic paint and a few wine or champagne corks and give them a new purpose. The kids will love this one too.

Felt snowball

Another very decorative and crafty idea to try this Christmas is this little felt snowball. Very easy to make also. Take a piece of wool felt whichever color you prefer, then cut and fold some circles from it. Sew them together and you have yourself a Christmas tree decoration.

Ribbon and marbles Christmas tree

ribbon and marbles Christmas tree

You’ll find this one also very easy to make and highly decorative. Sew together some colored marbles and a piece of ribbon like this for the project. Who knows, you might like to try one with two ribbons intersecting.

Ice cream stick sled

ice cream stick sled

Remember all those ice cream sticks you’ve been saving for something? Well, this is the perfect time to use them in a project. Paint them red, stick them together with a bit of glue like this, and hang them in the tree or place them around the table.

And with this, I’ll leave my fellow crafters to it. There’s lots to do in a short amount of time.


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