If you’re like me, you may not have enough space for your shoes in your closet. I don’t even think there is such a thing as enough space for shoes (sadly). But there are a few ways to organize the space that you do have.

The very first thing you need to do is to organize your shoes in two main categories: shoes you wear often and shoes you wear occasionally/seasonally (some good examples are boots or stilettos).

over the door shoerack
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The most accessible and affordable shoe storage option is the over the door shoe rack. You can store up to 36 pairs of shoes in a previously unused space, like the inside of your closet door. It’s as simple as hanging your shoes up on the door. This type of storage is perfectly suitable for flats, sandals, slip-ons and other low heels.


shoe closet with curtain

If you like to keep everything off view, there are a few ways you can hide your shoe storage. The easiest way to organize and store a lot of shoes is to use the height of the space to your advantage. You can build shelves at different heights for your different types of shoes. Those shelves can be easily hidden with some rich textured velvet drapes or curtains. The shoes you put in the second category, the ones you wear occasionally or seasonally, should be stored on the upper shelves. High boots can be stored up right, on the lower shelf. The remaining shoes, the ones you wear often, should be stored in the middle section. You can categorize them even further by: work shoes, sport shoes, fancy heels, shoes you wear for dinner and the list can go on according to your own needs.

shoes in see thru closet with accent lights
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We all have those fancy pairs of shoes we love so much, but don’t get to wear that often. Those pairs deserve to be put on display. You can create a few custom shelves to highlight your favorite heels. You can even use custom illumination, like recessed lighting for your shelves.

ottoman with shoe storage
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If you don’t have enough space in your dresser or your closet for shoes, there are lots of ingenious places you can store them using multi-functional furniture to your advantage. The most common piece of furniture you can use is the ottoman, inside you can store up to 20 pairs of shoes. This is a great way to organize your favorite flats and slip-ons, easy accessible and hidden from view. The ottoman can also be easily placed close to your entryway and you can also use it to store house shoes or even garden shoes.   


organize with custom PVC pipe shoe rack

We all love a DIY project, especially when it solves our needs and helps us clear out clutter. A cool way to store shoes is to use custom cut PVC tubes. The tubes are also a great deco feature for your wall. This solution is great for your entryway or hallway. You can go a step further and paint the PVC tubes in metallic spray paint, like gold, silver or copper for a touch of glam or you can stick to solid colors like white, black or even blue, red or hot pink. This is a great way to add more color to your entryway or hallway.


clear acrylic shoe boxes

If you already have an organized closet or dressing room but can’t find necessary space for your footwear, the easiest way to store them is to put them in clear acrylic boxes. You can stack them up and also see them everytime you need to plan your outfit. If you already have shoe boxes you can label them with a printed photo of the pair of shoes inside. This is such a great way to store lots of pairs using your upper and lower shelves.

lazy Susan shoe rack
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This is a great option to keep all your shoes stored and on display. As a result you’ll never forget about your favorite heeled sandals in the back of your closet. You can easily place the Lazy Susan for shoes in one of the corner of your dressing room or bedroom. This could also be a great idea for your next DIY project.

Which option works best for you?


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