First impression is always important and the hallway is often the first room of any house. It’s the first contact a visitor has with your home. Here’s part two of typical mistakes to avoid when remodeling the hallway.

7. Not planning accordingly to your own needs

hallway with staircase

An austere entrance area, although you have children and pets? Light colored flooring, even though you are constantly annoyed with footprints in the hallway during the cold and wet season? Everyone must plan according to their own needs and lifestyle. When planning your corridor try to answer these basic questions: What does your dream hallway look like? What are the basic functions you need? Investigate your own requirements, what do you really need and most important? Think about the accessories and furniture that give you a sense of happiness and comfort.

8. No storage space

hallway storage ideas

You can seem to find any storage space anywhere in the house, have you thought about the hall? How do you create storage space when there is none? The trick is to create built-in storages in any available alcove. A good example is the area under the staircase or the dead end of a long hallway. A great way to hide the storage space is to paint the doors in the same color as the walls or add mirrors to the doors to create a visually bigger space.

9.  Not enough space for shoes

hallway shoe storage idea

You bought a new shoe rack but the shoes are still everywhere. With too many shoes as well as coats piling up in the hall, two things help:

  1. Closed storage systems, which help to hide the clutter;
  2. A strict shoe and coat policy. Only two seasonal pairs are allowed to be hanged visibly in the hallway. The rest must be packed in boxes or stored in the closet.
10. Nonfunctional thinking

hallway tiles retro

There are purely functional hallway, but those lack comfort and coziness. And then there are wonderfully comfortable hallways, but they ignore the basic functions every household needs.  If you leave out the functionality in the hallway you won’t have much fun arriving home everyday. That’s why you should consider the right type of flooring for this space. It must be resistant to traffic and easy to clean. The best options are: sealed hardwood floors, porcelain tiles, stone tiles or so-called design floors that imitate the look and feel of stone, wood or concrete, like PVC floorings.

11. Thinking too functional

hallway perfect decor design

Hook and doormat – finished is the hallway design. This may seem practical, but it’s not homey at all. To find the perfect balance between functional and decorative combine the hard-wearing floor coverings, wall paints and mats from our previous tips with elegant hall furniture, lights and accessories.

12. Using the hallway as a storage facility

hallway organized storage

Stroller, rubber boots, pet supplies, all sorts of parcels and outdoor clothing – everything gathers wildly in the hallway. It doesn’t look good and it’s not even functional. Design your hallway so that every item has its own permanent place. Think about the items you don’t really need to use in the hallway and move to another room, maybe they’ll have a better place in the kitchen or the bathroom. This helps to keep things organized and prevents chaotic searches for the car keys or favorite shoes.


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