The kitchen is the most used area in every home and it can get too cluttered most of the time. It’s time to  start organizing, whether you have a small or a big kitchen it’s always a good idea to start decluttering and as a result to balance your space.

1. Create specific areas

create specific areas

Think of all the areas you use when you’re cooking and preparing the meals and plan your space accordingly. For example you’ll have a designated cooking zone near the stove where it’s a great idea to store your pans, pots and cooking utensils as close as possible to the area of use.

2. Intelligent storage

intelligent storage

Store all your kitchen items by frequency of use. For instance everyday dishes should be stored on the lower shelf and on middle height shelves, because it’s easier to access, while special-occasion pieces should be stored up above. A great tip is to also sort your kitchen objects by categories, like a cabinet destined for all the bakeware.

3. Install shelf organizers in your kitchen cabinets

shelf organizers

Shelf organizers are a great hack for your cabinets for an effortless, everyday access. Use pan dividers inside the cabinets to stack your pans and a pot lid organizers to store all your lids. With the pot lid organizer the lids will be placed vertically. This way you’ll have easy access to every lid and you won’t have to search for the right lid every time you cook.

4. Under-sink storage

under the sink storage

Install a door pocket organizer on the inside cabinet door or add simple hooks for rags and kitchen gloves.

5. Lazy Susan

lazy susan for kitchen corner cabinets

The Lazy Susan is a great design hack to maximize the corner space. Use it for both your lower and upper cabinets.

6. Under-the-cabinets

under the cabinets

Take control of all your under-the-cabinets space, install smart LED lighting strips and use some parts of the free space for hanging dish towel rods. You can find excellent options at Ikea.

7. Baskets


Every kitchen cabinet has a part with open shelves that tends to look messy. To declutter,  insert rustic wooden baskets on those open shelves. Organize the baskets by categories. Go a step further and stick creative labels to each basket therefore it’s an excellent way to add your personal charm to the decor.

8. Magnetic spice rack

magnetic spice rack kitchen

You can create the magnetic spice rack on the inside of one of the upper cabinets door by adding a tin sheet or just use the fridge door.

9. Chalkboard paint for kitchen cabinets

chalkboard paint kitchen

If you’re not planning to repaint all your cabinets you can paint only the inside of the doors with chalkboard paint. Use it to write down a shopping list, today’s menu items or a new recipe. It’s all up to your imagination. Have a look at this article about chalkboard paint for the kitchen cabinets.

10. Label your pantry items


Get rid of the bulky boxes by using see-through containers for all your pantry items. Don’t forget to use pocket storage on the pantry door to maximize your storage space.

11. Backsplash organizer

kitchen backsplash organizer

Use the backsplash to your advantage and clear the chaos from the countertop. Set up a rack  for olive oil, salt and pepper and other frequently used seasoning, wooden spoons and other most used cooking utensils. Size the rack according to your needs and cooking habits.

12. Rolling cart

kitchen rolling cart

If you have a bigger kitchen space, it could be a great idea to invest in a rolling cart. It’s great for diverse storage and also excellent for transporting lots of dishes from the kitchen to the dining area and vice versa.


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