Every year designers draw new designs for lamps and factories produce these new suspension lamps in the race to sell more and more products and meet the customers’ demands. But only a handful of these lamps really stand out from the crowd and are really special, in my humble opinion. So, without further ado and in no particular order, I present you with 10 of my favorite suspension lamps.

  • The Raimond suspension lamp by Moooi

moooi raimond suspended lamp

Designed by Raimond Puts for Moooi in 2007, this spectacular lamp resembles a burst of fireworks or a “starry night sky”, as the designer put it. The delicate and sophisticated simplicity of this design is ingenious in my eyes because it can be added to any style of interior and not be out of place. In 2010 Raimond Puts won the best Woonproduct of 2010 Award (Sanoma Woon Awards) with the Raimond light.

  • The Big Bubble by Alex de Witte

the big bubble

Designed and launched in 2013 by Dutch designer Alex de Witte, this lamp has easily become one of my favs. Each piece is unique due to the glass being mouth blown. This gives the bubbles a sort of poetic movement, like soap bubbles moving in a soft wind. The Big Bubble received the Best Product award at the 2013 Design District in Amsterdam.

  • The Zeppelin by Flos

zeppelin by flos

Marcel Wanders designed this suspension lamp for Flos in 2005 and for me it represents the true definition of a modern classic. The steel structure inside is sprayed with a resin that creates the cocoon around it. It has the silhouette of a chandelier and the feel of a ghostly, modern suspension lamp.

  • Leaf by Luum

leaf by luum

Luum is a London based lighting design studio and Leaf is one of the most spectacular installations created by them. If you look up at the sky thru a tree’s canopy, daylight is softly filtered by the leaves. That’s where the design studio got its inspiration for this awesome piece of design.

  • Comet by Stuart Haygarth


The designer was commissioned by Coca-Cola in 2014 to create this suspension lamp for one of their new headquarters. As the name implies, it really looks like it comes from out of this world. 80.000 acrylic “ice” chunks give a sculptural movement to this massive installation and make it a truly unique design.

  • The Universe by Jan Pauwels

universe chandelier

Jan Pauwels designed the Universe Square for Quasar. This modern piece is by far one of my favorite designs. Although the shape is simple and geometric and made from multiple grids that form 128 knots where LED bulbs are placed, it’s nothing short of stunning. In the words of Leonardo da Vinci: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.

  • Welles Long Chandelier by Gabriel Scott

welles long chandelier

You can fully customize this modular suspension lamp. The geometric shapes link together to form the body and they come in quite a few colors. Very modern, very decorative, very chic.

  • Les Cordes (the Ropes) by Mathieu Lehanneur

Believe it or not, the designer made this design in a limited edition in 2014. I’m cheating a bit here because this is more of a sculpture than a light fixture, but it’s impressive none the less. The handcrafted glass ropes seem to pass through the ceiling and come back down again to bring light with them.

  • Galaxy chandelier by Jan Pauwels

galaxy chandelier

Another great contemporary piece made by designer Jan Pauwels for Italian producer Baxter. This is a dramatic and truly imposing chandelier, yet so fragile and poetic. The nickel network links the light bulbs together to form one of the most beautiful light fixtures I have seen.

  • Rotini by Aqua Creations

Last, but not least, design studio Aqua Creations creates this organic shaped suspension lamps like the Rotini.  And they’re really good at it. This design is customizable and they can make it according to your specs. It gives off a soft glow thanks to the silk shade that covers the metal frame. This makes it look almost like a deep sea creature that’s making its own light to see around.

This is my top 10 list so far and I’d love to hear your thoughts on it, so let me know which one you like best. By the way, know any that are worth mentioning?


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