Scandinavian interior design and Scandinavian design in general has been setting world trends for more than 50 years. The distinct, modern, no nonsense style puts an emphasis on the beauty of living in spaces that are not too much, yet not too little either. Scandinavian design is all about balance. So here’s our 10 best tips to embrace that balanced Nordic style.

Light Color Floors

light color wood floors

Almost all Scandinavian interiors will have wood flooring in a preferably light color. Wood floors bring warmth to the design and makes a home out of a house.

Grey Walls

scandinavian grey walls

Grey is basically the sum of all colors, so it makes for the perfect neutral canvas on which to build the design.

Wood Accents

live edge wood accent

Using the beauty of raw wood accents makes the interior look and feel more natural and unique.

Faux Furs

faux fur decor

A bit of lush for texture. Scandinavian winters are really harsh, so furs were preferred for their warmth back in the day. Now it’s more decorative than anything. Just remember to use faux fur, ok?

Blue Details

navy blue decor

A navy blue rug will really set the ambiance of the place. Remember, interior design in general works with its environment, so in a country surrounded by water, you’ll definitely find blue accents.


caramel leather sofa and ottoman

A leather sofa or lounge chair bring a bit of luxury to the space. Don’t forget there’s always the faux leather option.

Function Becomes Form

function becomes form

Scandinavian design is based on a no nonsense approach. So the motto here is “form follows function”. The herring bone pattern on the floor makes it much more decorative than if it was installed in a regular, one-way pattern.


dark wall with modern fireplace

Nothing is more welcoming and relaxing than a fire crackling. Fireplaces are a staple in Scandinavian design.

Monochrome scandinavian Décor Pieces

monochrome scandinavian decor

Using black and white or gray décor adds sophistication to the space and blends better with the rest of the interior.

Feathers and Leaves

monstera leaf

We’ve noticed a trend starting to rise with the use of feathers on patterns and small decorative objects. Also with the use of big ornamental leaves like the monstera leaf.

There are many more things to be said about this beautiful design movement, but if you stick to just these 10 tips, you’ll be on the right track to embracing a Scandinavian interior design.



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