You sit at your desk all day and it looks like a tornado aftermath, all cluttered and lifeless. You don’t want to go back there, but you know you have to sometime (let it sink in). So, why not decorate your workspace a bit and have some fun with it?

You can’t bring your favorite recliner from home, obviously, but with these small changes you’ll see a big improvement.

  1. De-clutter

Cluttered and dusty workspace

The worst enemy of a nice looking workspace is clutter. So the first thing you can do is to clean it. Remove everything that you don’t need on your desk, like crumpled paper and that old banana peel (yes, I know you’re looking at it right now) and group everything else into categories.

  1. Organize your office supplies

We all have a few dozen pencils and pens on our desks (OK, maybe it’s just me). A desk organizer works wonders on any size desk. It’s a good idea to choose one in a similar look to your work top, so it keeps a clean, crisp overall look. For a wood top desk, I would choose a cork or wood organizer.

  1. Bring in the green

One of the best things you can do to your workspace is bring a plant. Plants are proven to improve our mood, as well as liven up any space. Why not grow an aloe vera? The juice in the leaves is the best for a paper cut.

  1. Frame a nice photo

A beautiful memory printed and framed will warm up your workspace and bring a little piece of home to your office. Furthermore, the frame can be a nice ornament too.

  1. Light it up

There’s nothing better than lighting to dramatically change a place. Add a desk lamp to really brighten up your workspace (pun intended).

  1. Use a cork board

You know all those post-it notes that get lost and never find their way home and you never see them again? So, hang a cork board and pin notes and pics on it to keep things organized. You can even paint it. This will definitely improve your workflow too!

  1. A colorful workspace

Organized workspace with yellow accent wall

What’s your favorite color? Add a bit of it in your workspace for an accent. Like painting the cork board.

  1. Bring your favorite mug

Another way to bring a bit of home into your workspace is also having your favorite coffee mug with you.

  1. Hang a motivational quote

And a good place for it? That’s right, the cork board. In addition you can change it as often as you like, too.

  1. Use a catch-all

brown catch all desk accesory

A catch-all is a very good place to keep your phone, wallet, keys and everything else that might be floating around on your workspace.

Therefore choose a few or even better, use them all. With an organized workspace you’ll notice a big change in the quality of your work and productivity. Have you tried some of these ideas?


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