Alright fellow crafters, today we’ll talk a bit about what hobbies and crafts are most likely to turn a profit. That doesn’t mean that other hobbies won’t sell, it means that these are fail proof.

The world is shifting more and more to handcrafted goods, so why not try and sell yours? Who knows, you might be sitting on a real treasure.


woodworking tools

Everything from wood turning to pallet furniture is included here. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy to do and it takes practice. But it’s worth it because it’s very satisfying to make your own unique furniture and you can make a pretty good living from it. Try Shopify for the selling part.

Handmade Soaps and Bath Bombs

handmade soap bars

The recipes for these are virtually limitless. There are also tons of how to instructional videos around that teach you these crafts. Just be sure to use good quality ingredients that can be traced to the source and that your production facility meets health standards. Even if it’s your home kitchen.


wood and silver pendant

Handmade jewelry can be as simple or as complex as you like. You can string beads or you can pour silver and gold at home. Your choice. The market for handmade jewelry is huge but you can still carve out a place for yourself with some thorough research up front to make your designs stand out.


lavender scented candle

This business is huge in the US with a net worth of under $3 billion. There are tons of designs to make in tens of niches or more. You can find and buy readymade molds or craft your own. Also, this skill doesn’t require much skill beforehand.

Decorative Bowls

leaf shaped bowls

Catchalls, ring dishes, fruit bowls and more. There are a lot of materials to work with for this. You can use polymer clay, rope, felt, wood, concrete, you name it.

Macrame crafts

macrame crafts

Highly decorative hand crafted goods made from knot designs. You can make anything ranging from rope hammocks to decorative wall hangings. Macramé is believed to originate in the 13th century Arab culture, so it’s all about geometric designs.

Pet Toys

handmade pet chew toy

Everybody who has a pet, has toys for them to play with. So the potential for this  craft to bring in some extra cash is huge. You can make stuff as easy or as complex as you’d like.

Digital Art

digital poster

Making and selling digital art and products like fonts or posters is very sought after by big producers looking for prints. So don’t keep your designs for yourself. They might bring you a nice income. Go over to Society6 for example and sell them there.

Polymer Clay Magnets

food shaped polymer clay magnets

Magnets are still very popular and on an upward trend, besides being easy to craft. You can shape polymer clay into anything and everything, and later even paint it, so it’s a great choice for custom magnets.

Sewn Items

hand sewn teddy bear backpack

If you like sewing and have a knack for designing sewn items, you can certainly sell your stuff. You don’t even have to do the heavy lifting because there are online stores like Etsy and Handmade at Amazon that will do that for you.

You can take your crafting hobby to the next level just by going out there and sharing it with the world. So do your thing and let us know how it goes in the comments section below.


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